Here you will see tutorials 3d cakes. How to carve ganache and decorate cakes in different shapes. Tutorials are not cut and you will see the whole process.

3d cakes are the most popular trendy cakes which are not easy to do – depending on the shape – but also are not difficult to do. By watching some videos you will understand easily how to proceed anytime you need to make a new shape. The important thing here, is to have a good cake (not crumbling) as well as a good ganache( very consistent and smooth at the same time)

This is the first example, of a 3d ship cake from scratch…

Second part, the most funny part…Fondant Covering, Decoration and final details.

This is another example of a different shape, but with some supports below the cake itself …so the cake is standing on the wheels. Some shapes are easy, like this school bus which basically is a rectangle 3d, here the challenge was the fake wheels structure. The idea is that any structure must be kept hidden anywhere…in other words wires, rods or wood parts have to be covered/camouflaged with fondant.